About the Floppy Posture Band

This band is at the cutting edge of easy listening.

‘I’ve never heard anything like it” is the most common comment from those who have  heard Floppy Posture.

Last heard of in the early 1970’s when they reputedly were last seen disappearing at speed in the back of a mini from the only  gig that they played.

Three of the original members (Sadly the great guitar player who who was a member of the original band is no longer with us), with the addition of a multi talented instrumentalist who predominantly plays accordion  with ‘the Posture’, and an additional member on guitar to occasionally play the same songs in the same key as the others., now comprise the most recent incarnation of the band.

The material they play is immaterial, a few of their own compositions along with their own versions of songs from the obscure to the better known , from blues to reggae,  from pop to cowboygunslinger-rock nothing is sacred.

Floppy Posture is a higher state of being.